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Barefoot and pregnant

May 24, 2007

Ok, so, technically I’m wearing socks but yes, I’m knocked up. 7-1/2 weeks. This is definitely a surprise but a very happy one. Now, don’t tell the kid this but I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I was the youngest in my family and I didn’t even babysit that much. Basically, I know not to drop the kid on it’s head and that’s about it. Surely it will come to me, right? At least my husband knows a lot about kids…..oh wait….he doesn’t.

Speaking of my illustrious husband, come August he will be directing his first feature film starring Cuba Gooding Jr. It’s called “Harold” . AND, he is currently shooting his new pilot called “Night Writer” for Comedy Central starring him and, well, a girl playing me. Her name on the show is even “Kitty”. So, big changes afoot for our family. The big question right now is, how is the King, Mr. Ignatius J. Reilly Esq., going to take to this new baby? Well, I’m thinking that THIS is how he’s going to take to it:

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Just kidding…..he’ll just be scared shitless and will hide under the bed for the rest of his furry little life. Here’s the first pic of our little zygote….or is it an embryo at this point? I don’t know…I told you…I don’t know shit about birthin’ babies.

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